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Originally Posted by Durin413 View Post
So was the lamp your only purchase there RoG? If not, It'd be kinda cool if ya posted a picture of all the other items that you deemed worthy of your dollars.
Yeah it was the only thing I purchased. Normally I would've bought a ton of stuff, but I'm running out of space at my current place and have a lot o' things stored away in boxes. So until I get some more space, I'm trying to exercise restraint by only purchasing the things I reeeeally wanna get... like the lamp.

Originally Posted by TuxKamen View Post
I'd love to go to a sale like this, were the prices pretty reasonable for the used MOTU figures? Saw quite a few there I was never able to pick up growing up (Ram Man, Hordak, Trap Jaw).
Yep, they were all reasonably priced between 10 and 20 bux as I recall. They were loose figures for the most part, but they were complete with all their weapons & armor and sometimes even their mini-comics - which definitely isn't the norm when buying figures out of the box at places like this. Was nice to see a vendor who actually kept all those things together. I've seen a ton of Trap Jaw figures where his arm weapons were missing. What fun is that?
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