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exactly CF.

2006 to 2007

i was all set to leave for SC and i got a phone call from two different old ladies.

call number one was from my mother in law. since Nancy and I had split up, there was a thawing in this relationship. for about 15 years Nancy had been blaming all of our troubles on me, and her mother believed every word of it. a shrew and a man hater, it was not very hard for nancy to convince her that i sucked. but over the last month a lot of the BS Nancy had fed her became obvious lies, and while i never got an apology there had been a few meaningful conversations between us. i was not ready for this call.

"Please don't take the kids away from me," she sobbed to me when i answered. "I love them all so much, I should not be punnished for what Nancy has done."

this hurt a lot. while i hated this women a great deal, and had been on the bad end of her hatred for a long time she was a GREAT grandmother. She had been there for my kids (and me by assosciation) their entire lives. Even though i worked hard, we were not rich and more or less lower middle class. Nancy's mom was/is rich, and gave the kids a lot of things they would have had to do without if not for her.

i told her that i was not taking the kids away out of spite, but that i felt that it was best for them and me to leave our small community where everyone knew me and Nancy, and their friends parents knew all about Nancy's activities and my meltdown. it was really hard to tell a crying old lady no, but my heart was set, plus i rembered being thrown out of her house the day after christmas. i was determined not to be fooled again.

the next old lady to call me was my mother. she had been keeping it a secret, but she had lung cancer. small cell, the kind that is supposed to kill you really fast. doctors gave her less than six months to live. she had to quit working, and her and my father had exhausted their savings caring for my grandmother who had died of brain cancer. they needed help to cover their bills and to maintain their farm. would i please come stay with them in Virginia?

sigh. i could not say no. i hung up the phone and just watched the world go by. called the job i had left, begged to get it back, and me and the kids moved to VA. i would regret this decision a great deal.

i spent the next year of my life driving. it was one hunrded miles each way to my job. i slept on the floor in my daughters room because my snoring kept my son awake. between a giant car payment, paying for gas, and helping my parents out i watched my financial life slowly crashing down.

i needed another job, and i found a bartending job at a biker bar called Good Times. i began sleeping in my car 2 to 3 nights a week. i drank more red bull than the law should allow. i fell asleep wherever i was.

one day at work my boss pulled me aside:

"you sleep all the time, you are disrespectful, lazy, and don't ever come to work on time, and you are always broke, you're the blackest motherfucker here" I was the only white person i got assigned to the worst job they had, grinding a very dangerous chemical (it was know to explode from time to time while being ground) into a superfine powder. and my real troubles began.

between never really sleeping, the red bull, driving all the time, and the chemicals at work i began having headaches. they would start with everything seeming a bit too bright, a vauge citrus smell, and then it would feel like the backs of my eyes had caught fire, then my whole head. i have never know pain like this in my life and noithing made it go away. i was in a constant nightmare of pain.

and then i started to get cysts. i still have some in my arm, and one in my back. on occasion they would surface and burst like the biggest zits in the world. on top of the pain of the headaches it was not very fun.

i struggled on like this for most of 2006, i never saw the kids (or at least not as much as i wanted), and i was slowly going broke.

something had to change.

one friday night at Good Times a fight broke out. three or four hillbillys got into it with some bikers. the bikers were very regular customers, and they essentially ran the place. the bouncer was a member of the biker gang and they beat the piss out of a couple of the hillbillys, and threw the rest out. the bikers stayed and the night followed it's regular course.

except, the hillbilly's went and got a bunch of buddies and returned to try and start a brawl. the bouncer met them at the door. he got in a fight with three guys, while about five others helped out by punching and randommly sneaking in blows on the bouncer.

the bouncer fell to the ground with one of the hillbillys. the other hillbillies decided to start stomping on the bouncer, indiscriminately stomping their friend as well. the hillbilly tried to crawl away. in court no one could prove who did it, but somone kicked the crawling hillbilly it the head. his head happened to be on one of those concrete parking ties. his skull got crushed. by the time we were able to get outside the dude was already dead. there was blood coming out of every hole in his head and the side of his skull was crushed in.

i once saw a man get choppped up by an airplane propeller and it was awful, this was even worse. i had a guy put his tounge in my ear (uninvited), had dudes (bikers) offer to suck my dick in the parking lot, seen about a thousand sets of tits (due to my SHOW ME YOUR TITS AND GET A FREE DRINK POLICY), broken up about a million fights, and worked in a very loud nightclub with a constant headache for seven months. this guy dying was enough. i quit the next day.

and a few weeks later got a job at Outback, and it was the best job i ever had......

more to come
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