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Here is my actual serious reason why ghosts cannot exist, that I am only giving because I don't know why hey maybe we can bump gums about it
If a ghost can be seen, then it means that either they are generating or reflecting light, which means they are a disembodied cloud of energy, which isn't unthinkable, or its a supernaturally manipulated ball of dust or something, in a room with very specific lighting. The energy thing isn't plausible not because we don't know if its even possible for such a thing to exist, but because it couldn't exist in a house wired for electricity. The dust thing honestly I just made up and I don't know if its a good argument because I haven't thought about it much.

For ghosts that you hear, and don't see: the sounds that you hear that were made by supernatural means would not be something that could be caused by conventional means. It takes a legitimate physical presence to create noises like footsteps, ringing bells, or rocking noises. Now this puts the witness in a compromising position because it can be very hard to describe something you've never heard of before- but, there would be many different occurrences of a similar sounding thing happening wherever, so that's not an excuse. But most likely if you did hear something you can't explain and you think its a ghost than it simply is just a personal little experience that should not be expected to be seriously considered by others.
If I had to I imagine what kind of sound something that fits the motif of a ghost would be, then it would be like a faint crackle or something, because a loud something would take more energy than would be put into the effort of recreating a grandpa moan.

Now what if they are just run of the mill, supernatural, non-corporeal leprichauns or jesus creatures? They aren't effected by gravity. Wherever they manifest themselves in the universe would quickly vanish from their site as the rotation of the earth, the clockwork of the solar system, the spinning of the galaxy, and the goddamn expansion of the universe would have moved it millions of miles away from that spot as soon as they arrive.

Unless you think the supernatural is pantheistic or something, then I guess all ghosts exist everywhere at once.
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