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ok geggy so let's say that uh you're in an extremely dark room and some guy makes some kind of anti-geggy joke which makes you ANGRY so you SLAP THE SHIT OUT OF HIM and you're all, "HEY FUCK! WHAT THE FUCK? YOU DONT JUST MAKE ANTI-GEGGY REMARKS MOTHERFUCKER THATS FUCKING RUDE."

and then you leave the room and you hear a guy outside still making anti-geggy jokes with the same voice and he doesn't have a hand mark on his face and suddenly a guy appears behind you with tears in his eyes and looks you in the eyes and then looks down and runs away and that makes you angry because you made some innocent fellow cry so you slap the original geggy shit talker

A short way to describe this would be MISTAKEN IDENTITY but I don't know that seemed kind of complex!

also if you were even remotely intelligent you would've realized the guy who was talking shit was outside of the room. Jackass.
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