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I want a classical nylon guitar, it is so much better for finger picking stuff. I can play Classical gas and the intro to Good Mourning in a finger pick style but aside from that I stick to hybrid picking when it's necessarry. I really like to jump around back and forth with a pick, it used to be difficult and I thought I would always eventually Hybrid pick way more but I usually end up mastering a string skip if it's in a song or solo that I'm playing, I dunno, gives me a greater feeling of accomplishment, I will play the same thing in a variety of styles to find what I like the most. Sometimes the way you hit a string my look cooler if you pick it a different way, could be easier to play and more crisp playing it another way... fuck yes it is very addicting. Currently I am just in brazil, go to the beach, come home, smoke some terrible brown brazillian weed and play guitar all night.

My THR10X has recording software but It has not been acting right. I plug it in and I can change settings FOR THE AMP, in more detail, on the computer, and it plays through the amp. However, when I try to record, it does not pick up any effects, and it plays delayed as if there is lag, so it would be impossible to have something play and try to play over it through this program... So I said fuck it and have not recorded anything yet since I've been here..

Do you use or know of any software to record that would detect my amp? It's currently the only input I have on my computer for my guitar.
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