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LOL, how is it hilarious I listen to Oi music?

And by Oi music, I do mean Oi music; do not get me wrong on the issue and make you think that by Oi I mean punk bands that are slightly inspired by the classics and over-use the word in the name of seeming cool....

I mean, the absolute, ultimate, quintessential international sensation of Oi music in the must unapologetic and amazingly beautiful way.

Favorite bands =
The Clash (not Oi, I know)
Vanilla Muffins
The Oppressed
Pluton Svea
Jocke Karlsson (only one album, the singer of Pluton Svea, Pro Patria, and now Pitbull Farm)
Legion of St. George
The Headhunters (the Oi project of Ultima Thule)
Legion Of St. George
Angelic Upstarts
Sham 69

And even a liberal Oi band like Los Fastidios still tickles my ears (yes, angelic uptarts are also generally liberal).
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