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Glowbelly! You can help me give birth when i have my kids. (don't worry, that's not anytime soon!!!)

I am so happy for u. My aunt is a nurse (even tho i think she works w/ dialysis and stuf like that) and she can get a job wherever she wants (in fact she's in california right now and is coming to MD next month). She's always telling me to be a nurse cause there's a shortage and all.

Too bad for her i'm gonna be a veteranarian (if i can eva learn to spell it).

I'm only in 10th grade right now but next i'm gonna start taking the college classes they offer at my high school so if i get some credits outta the way i can graduate college earlier.
Which is great cause me and george were adding it up and i'm gonna be in school till my early 30s or late 20s (hopefully the latter).
Just... no.
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