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Of the documents released by Wikileaks the most recent come from February and I doubt they pertained to troop placement. Most of what was released that did have to do with that kind of thing was what we were doing the last few years. As in shit that is already done and gone.

As far as "targeting America" I think thats unfair. Just because American whistle blowers come forward / release info 10:1 compared to other countries doesnt necessarily mean he is anti-America. Someone in this thread, I think The Leader, pointed out how a whistle blower in China or Russia was more likely to turn up missing.

Originally Posted by The Leader View Post
You wouldn't get leaks out of Beijing or Moscow because anyone like Pfc. Bradley Manning who did something like that in those places would suddenly disappear.
How is it cyber-terrorism? Our own diplomats and military personnel leaked it to him. He is just distributing it to other news outlets to make available to the public. Like Ron Paul said in the article I posted he should have the same protection that the media gets. Remember a few years ago when our own VP outed whats her name as a secret agent or whatever? Nothing happened to him. Remember when the war in Iraq started and Geraldo gave away troop positions on a news broadcast? Sure people gave him hell for it but nothing really happened to him and that pertained to events happening that day. Not some assault that happened two years before.

Classified information? Just because someone in a position of authority stamps something classified we shouldnt even question it? Just because? What if what they are doing is illegal and wrong? As far as the USSR goes... Part of what he released, while coming from American diplomat offices, detailed the dirty laundry of other countries. I mentioned it before some of the documents linked Putin to the Litvinenko murder and the Russian government in general as having ties to organized crime. The only difference here is we didnt really need leaked documents to know that about Russia.
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