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Wow. I have to say, KleptoKid, I'm really blown away your opinion.

Until you posted that, I'd always felt all conservatives, really all republicans would fully support violent assault on Gay people. I was really, really, really, sure that you all were a monolithic block and that every single one of you wasn't just prejudiced against gay people, like you are, and felt homosexuality was unnatural and a mental illness, like you do, also actively advocated for and approved of violence against gays.

Now the scales have fallen from my eyes. I've been so, so wrong. In fact, since my incorrect assumption that all of you were pro violence against gays was pretty much my only disagreement with the Republican party, I'm a Republican now.

Golly. Now have to question my assumption that whenever someone posts something here, what they mean by it is that at least half the world is identical in every way to the people in the story. an. I'm shaken. I may have to take a few days off.
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