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Originally Posted by Emu
And I'd like to add that I didn't post this to make some kind of comparison to KK, because at least he has a rational reason for believing what he does, even if I strongly disagree with it, even if it is or isn't true, it's still a rational reason, unlike this sick fuck. I think this is a horribly tragic story that should be discussed.
Rational reason? I must have missed that part in the previous threads. What is his rational reason for hating homosexuals? Seriously, I want to know. This isn't me being a smartass or anything. I just want to know.

Oh, and I love how Vince pops out of the woodwork every now and again to post something so completely useless that it somehow lowers everyone's opinion of him even more, surprising everyone with the fact that can still go lower at all.

On topic: This is disgusting. Has there been an arrest yet? I'm looking forward to the inevitable interview with this guy, too, just so I can read what this guy has to say about what he did.
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