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Originally Posted by Zomboid View Post
What? REFERENCES, maybe. I don't recall Cthulu's visage being seen in the background, nor did they flat out use the names and terms. Have you played the original games, even? The story was pretty thin in the first two, and the third was still pretty vague. Sacrifices and bringing in elder gods from outer dimensions is a lot more Lovecraftian than the dark stone and Jennifer turning into a monster after a boreworm fucks her up.

And yeah, no shit. My point was only that it's a pretty standard trope these days, and it might've been nice if it was less METAL LOVECRAFT WALLET CHAIN FUCK YEAH and more off-putting horror and ohmygodmyfamilyisdying.

Also, same here, Ox.

edit: I'm glad this game came out. I really am. I've been looking forward to it for yeeeears, and I think Boogie and I are probably the two biggest Splatterhouse fans on this forum, but I think it could've been a bit better. It's still really fun and worth getting, though. Just some minor nitpicks.
Considering it all started at Dr. West's mansion I just assumed that everything had to be tied to some sort of Cthulhu-esque origins. I always thought some of the monster depictions were reminiscent of Lovecraftian horrors.
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