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Yes, Max, I give America a bad name. In who's eyes do I give America a bad name? Some backwards fuck country in Europe that wouldn't exist today if we didn't help it in WWII? Some pissant country in Africa that wouldn't be able to survive if not for the aid we dole out constantly to countries that hate us?

I couldn't give a fuck less about what other countries think of the U.S. Fuck them. We have to bail out ingrateful countries all the fucking time and I say let them fucking rot. You are the kind of cry-baby leaky pussy schmuck that wants the world to love us even if it means fucking ourselves over. Blow me, you jackoff. Let the army use anything it fucking wants to kill those terrorist fucks over in Iraq and in any other country. They won't stop trying to kill us and people in other nations because you shake your fist violently and demand "withdraw dates" and "exit plans".

You have to be a troll, because you can't be this fucking stupid.
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