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I don't think anyone said they were illegal. Just even more morally reprehensible than lots of other ways of killing people.

It's also clear evidence of the culture of lies which makes it impossible to believe anything the military says about abuses the US gets charged with.

"WP is not illegal and we didn't use it. If we did, it was strictly for lighting."

"WP is not an illegal chemical weapon. We did use it for lighting, but we're allowed to use it any way we want and allowed used it for is lighting. Because we're the good guys."

"Okay, maybe we used it a little as a weapon, which is totally legal by the way, and only a little because mostly it was used for lighting."

"Okay, we made legal use of WP as a weapon, but in a magic way that did not get on or burn up or kill any civillians, just combatants, and all are other statements were incorrect, but not lies, just wrong. And this time you can totaly trust this version of the statement and not worry that we ever used illegal chemical weapons, or used them indiscriminently. That's the truth, seriously, this time. Come on, you can trust us."

When the military lies like this, it makes wild accusations credible. Making wild accusations credible AIDS TERRORISTS!

And Vinthy... If you 'don't give a fuck' what we use on them, why did you bother to jump all over my posting the story? Why didn't you justssay 'I don't give a fuck what we use on these people. '
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