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Originally Posted by mburbank
Universal translator = Sci Fi Weiner.

But okay, what the hell.

Here's how it makes sense: I used to be bothered to pa major attention to you because you were here all the time and you did a lot of thing with writing that interested me. You were bombastic, bizarre, an almost pathalogical liar, and you wrote sentences that were to trainwrecks like solar flares are to disposable lighters. Then you simply vanished (coincidentally right after bragging, boasting, daring and then failing to show up for a face to face with Sspad.) It was disapointing, and not just to me. You were enormously entertaining and many people here missed you. Now you show up once every few months, fire off a sentence or to that aren't anything like what we enjoyed about you, give no news, and don't follow up. It's boring, and for new people you don't even register a being here at all, so what's the point? You're bound to say you don't care, and so I ask, why bother at all?

Here's how it's funny: Comparing the way in which I (and others here) miss you to being jilted by a homosexual lover is funny for a number of reasons. One, it's SO much more extreme than actual level of interest involved. Two, it mocks your self often self described ladies man status.

This post was way more than an Ex of mine desreves, but my therapist says I need clothure.
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