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Well, lets see now.

Colleges and clubs up and down the east coast from Maine to key West.

Horse Trade theater , Don't tell Mamas, Boston comedy club, all theaters in Greenwich village.

National Lampoon

A nationally circulating filthy magazine which will remain unmentioned

The Boston Museum of Science (freelance writing work, not my usual job)

Jimmy Tingle, Wendy Liebman, (Well nown comdians) Sam Seigel (radio personality for air America)

Emerson college

And of course, I-mockery (the web site, not the forum) which is now a professional paying market.

A lot of other people and organizations have paid for my comedy and comedy expertise, but I only mentioned the things there was a chance you'd have heard of. I don't expect you to have heard of all of these either, but these are the lead on my resume.

I don't make enough to support a family on, (mortgage, health insurance, car payments, etc.) so it's in addiition to my steady full time job, but I did live of the income when I wa single. And things have ben pretty good the last couple of years, netting me more than $10,000.00 each year.
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