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What was 'kinda what you were thinking'? That I have a decent resume? That I can't support myself on comedy alone? That I'm not famous? Most people out of the toddler years don't expect other people to know what tey mean if they don't express it. I don't now what you mean.

I'll guess you meant Ziggy's post, which he actually did mean to be funny. You saying it's what yopu meant, and taking it seriously would be stupid. You trying to be funny by pretending to take it seriously would be a muddy, unfunny non responce.

I was answering your question, with no attempt at humor. Would you ahve been btter pleaed if you'd asked where I'd wroked and I said "Up your mother's ass, and if I had it to do over I wouldn't bother with the overtime?"

I'm establishing my bona fides, looney boy. If I was a plumber I'd be in a position to tell you not to wash coffee grounds down your drain. As a comedian, I'm advising you to stay away from humor. People have no idea what you're talking about. That's generally a bad sign if you're trying to be funny.
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