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Probably because there are about 30 cool people on this site and about 39082348907209873459087 faggots who would come on and fuck it up, or idle in the channel and make it cluttered, or hop on hoping to talk to Rog the ONE TRUE GOD and bombard him with stupid questions even if he wasn't there, was AFK, was busy sorting out site-related mishaps with The Boogie, whatever. See GameDamage's first three months or so cluttered with mongoloids hungry for Yahtzee's cock for a good example of this.

Plus, there's the whole thing where we'd need dedicated Ops and Sub Ops to cater to people coming in and whining about being banned, and people banned from the IRC would make threads on the forum about it along the same lines. And if any of the people willing to monitor the IRC constantly weren't mods already they'd probably have to be screened and groomed before they'd be trusted, and a bunch of other boring administrative shit, right.

We have a chatroom thread for general rabblerousing, anyway, and except for me retards mostly stay away from or are shooed out of it. Plus, with everyone using IRC instead of the forums, what little traffic the non-site discussion boards get these days would simply cease to be.

So, that's why there's no I-Mockery IRC, because it'd be a pain in the ass and kill the forums. Probably.

I think vBulletin does have a Shoutbox mod available, if anyone wants to look into that. But I would dominate it with Twitter-esque updates on mundane shit that I am currently doing and stupid chan pictures. It would be an ugly thing, loathed by all the world and viewed as an intellectual septic tank. Not to mention all the other people who would post in it.

On the plus side, IRC supports Artificial Intelligence. 420chan has one bot on the imageboard and one in the IRC channel, and they both absorb what people say and regurgitate the words they've learned into something resembling a coherent sentence. It's pretty entertaining, especially when you're completely tripping balls and can't remember who's a person and who's a computer. Ours could be MockBot, even!

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