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Originally Posted by Fathom Zero View Post
It's not that they didn't market it.

It's that people wanting it, correction, STILL WANTING IT, and have been denied. I want it. And I want intigration like in the 360.

Yes, I know that the 360 is nothing like the Wii and comparing one to another is like apples to oranges or Franzia to Bordeaux varieties, but I think that the Xbox took online console gaming to the point it is today, the standard.

I want one central "gamertag" under which you can message other people and all the other sorts of social fuctions you'd come to expect. But under Nintendo, we've come to expect much less.

I do not want these damn game-specific friend codes and you have all these numbers instead of just one name. One name for all your games you've played, everything you've downloaded, and you and your console.

Granted, Phantasy Star Online is good and well deserving of it's large fan-base.

But I still think the Miis are fucking retarded.
The little "friend codes" are so u can only play with people u know. It also prevents flaming by one group onto that person and from pedophiles from stalking kids, but yea they defiantly need a gamer tag. I don't care if a 68 year old is offering me candy in a van.
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