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Contains minor spoilers from Silent Hill 2

Well, from the video GW posted, it looks like the game is trying to cater to the fans of the movie.

Prime Example: Pyramid Head

Pyramid Head was originally a manifestation of Jame's guilt about killing his wife. Both the Red and original Pyramid speared each other at the end of SH2. The only reason he was in the movie was to appease the fanboys. His appearance in SH: Homecoming is.....questionable at least.

But keep in mind that this game isn't headed by Team Silent. It's being helmed by an entirely new developer who just looks like they want to put their own visual flair and touch on the series. I liked seeing the dripping floor, it creates a better visual image for crossing over rather than the screen fading in and out between, or changing rooms and finding yourself suddenly in the Otherworld

Personally though, I really don't like the way the combat's going. I know he's a military man, but when the view-point snapped to an OTS, I had flashbacks to RE4. Which wasn't a bad game by any means, but the combat heavy reticle bullshit doesn't really fit with SH in my perspective. I have fond memories of playing James with nothing but a lead pipe and a jacket mounted flashlight.

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