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Originally Posted by kahljorn View Post
I didn't use an ad hominem, idiot. An ad hominem isn't an insult, it's when you use somebody's bad character to act as though their argument must therefore be false. it would be like if I said, "he says the moon landing is real, but he's an asshole and a jerk and also insane. So therefore his argument must be bad."
Great so you're not only an asshole you're also pedantic. I've checked Wikipedia - the source of all knowledge in the world - and it turns out colloquially ad hominem could be used to describe any personal attack regardless of it's it's used in an argument... as I thought you could. Wow - we're both so smart, look at us with Latin and everything!

You may have some valid points on this subject Kahl but you argue them like such a fucking toss-piece it's very difficult to agree with any of them and ultimately I think you're just trying to piss people off - so why bother?
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