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Oh well next time you're putting on an act maybe you could dedicate yourself fully and actually try to encompass the character you are trying to portray fully. Like in this instance you could've actually tried to be intelligent.

Actually I was trying to sound like an asshole that pulls fancy-sounding words out of my arse so people on the Internet will fully appreciate my brilliance.
When i make a point I don't try to sound fancy. I do my best to make it as simple sounding as possible. The false dichotomy thing wasn't even part of my point. It was more of a qualification in case the subject eventually merited further discussion.

if you were going to see brilliance it should PROBABLY be in the actual arguments but maybe you can only focus on the irrelevant things because you are the king of irrelevancy.

and man I didn't expect you to argue with my so long its something else.
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