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Hegel once said: "Truth is infinite: its finiteness is its denial."

Scientists realise that the more they figure out about the world, the more the world will produce something that needs figuring out. They realise that these things will never be out of their grasp for long.

The religious types are indeed becoming more PC, they are forced to flow with science, lest they be washed away. Instead of sticking with the originals, religious types evolve and change depending on society as it is at the moment. In the future, the bible may be taken as simply a nice story, or something to aspire to, and it will be the priests anf cardinals asserting this, for they don't want to lose their place in the world. Then again, if something profound changes the way the world is going at the moment - like their god poking it's head in - it will be the religious leaders who will denounce the 'modern' view of religion, and change to to suit the situation, namely, the original stuff.

I don't mean to upset anyone, but I think religion is the fad that never dies. Man has roughly the same effect on religion as it has on him.
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