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Just seeing how large percentage of a typical city that's covered by roads and parking lots and highways and asphalt, and imagining how nice it would have been with parks and pedestrian areas instead, makes you wanna ban cars already
until you want to drive somewhere on your own schedule without being on a germ infected bus with random people on someone else's schedule. And I'm pretty sure buses pollute alot so if you had ever person needing a bus ride you'd need alot more buses. Before you call for cars to be banned how about you give away yours and have fun riding ur bike to work everyday. We should really just ban India and China from existing because they produce more green house gases and have no intention of stopping or reducing those amounts then the US will ever produce. You can't stop global warming if two of the largest populations in the world are basically in their industrial age and have no intention of slowing down so stop wasting your fucking time crying for the planet and watsing ru time thinking bout global warming and think realistically and act locally if you really care to see an imporvment for ur children. I think the lack of sidewalks to even make pedistrian travel possible and safe is a bigger immediate problem for american citizens then fucking global warming.
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