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Originally Posted by OxBlood View Post
Okay, I just finished it. Pretty good game they made there. The last third isnīt that great but what can you do.
Oh and normal isnīt normal itīs pretty hard in certain areas though 90% of my deaths were caused by falls (honestly Namco, donīt try do put Platforming in there, you donīt know how to do these things properly) or the fact that you have to learn bosses the first time round.
Wouldnīt be that much of a problem if the game didnīt load for about a minute each and every time you die. That and many Checkpoints arenīt that well placed.

Iīd say Splatterhouse is a solid 7. Itīs good but not that well designed here and there. Glad I bought it
The falls were usually what got me in the arcade version. SOUNDS GOOD TO ME.
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