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They don't want to address anything to do with cause and effect. And every time I try to explain it they both refuse to listen then flat out ignore it without addressing the points about transparency having long term bad effects. When I give an example where many many lives are lost as a result of transparency, I get a smokescreen reply saying I think "that gassing Kurds and torturing civilians should have been kept classified? Best that nobody found out?". Instead of an honest assessment of what that actually shows. Not that I should be surprised, PR guilt trips and making your opponents look like they are heartless to hide the fact that you are mindless is a tried and true communist debate technique. If it isn't Zhukov attacking how kind you look to others, it is Blasted Child not posting a single thought or addressing a single point in dozens of posts. Unless you count drawings that a kindergartner would be ashamed to cop to as 'addressing points'

Meanwhile we are also asked, when did Assange directly do hacking or theft of government documents? I will address this once again. Possessing stolen property is a crime, and is treated itself as theft in the US. We do this sort of thing so criminals in the US so they can't hide behind, "but I didn't do it directly" Charles Manson for example sits forever in jail and yet has never murdered a soul, yet his actions resulted in the deaths of many innocent people.

I find it ironic, and very hypocritical that you demand the government take responsibility for what they do, but give a pass to wikileaks because of a painfully transparent anti America agenda
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