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Here is the thing. Geggy lives in a text based world. We are used to things that we take for granted because we don't have to read every bit of information in order to gain a larger picture of our surroundings. Geggy sees nothing wrong with a wall of text copy and pasted from what he considers an informative source because all he does is read. Here is a comparison.

Chojin to Pram : What the fuck? You can't walk up a 1 mile hill and your solution is to take 3 buses for a total of 4 hours to get home?

Geggy to I-Mock : Wow, a whole 75 seconds of text to read and you think I should dumb it down to 3 seconds of text? Are you the guy that pushes on doors that have handles and says pull on it?

Here is my problem. We have written in text that this kind of bullshit is not worth 75 seconds. We would rather read 4 minutes of a Geggy diatribe if it was written by himself. He can read, so we know that he can comprehend what we are conveying to him. He is being a lazy fuck and deserves to be blind as well so that he can't post here anymore.
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