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Well, I bought a little black balloon of heroin today, in the Carl's Jr. on 5th Avenue that permanently smells like homeless people's urine. The guy who hooked me up swore up and down that it wasn't tar, but he was so fucking delirious that he didn't even recognize me after he went to the bathroom for a few minutes, so I probably shouldn't have listened to him.

I'm sure it's the real thing because it's got a nasty, bitter taste and smells like vinegar, but it's somewhere halfway between powder and tar, with little hard chunks surrounded by crushed powder on the bottom. I talked to a few people I know about it, and they say that all west-coast heroin is like this (and shitty). I keep trying to snort it, but whenever I get a line ready and separate the chunks from the powder, it starts to get moist and stick to itself and whatever surface I put it on, and it smears everywhere. It's currently spread out all over the inside of a sandwich bag; I dunno how the fuck I'm gonna scrape all of it out.

I only feel it a little tiny bit, and my eyes are pretty constricted, but it's barely there. It's about half of what I usually get from kratom.

This fucking sucks. I thought Portland was supposed to have good heroin.
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