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Originally Posted by Zhukov View Post
GW, I hear you can easily make your own heroin style drug from over the counter medicines, paint thiner, hydrochloric acid, iodine and red phosphorus. Why not give it a try if this doesn't work out for you? Especially before dissing anyone else's attempt at heroin.
pretty sure thats for meth. cept you dont really need paint thinner :O :O :O

I'm sure it's the real thing because it's got a nasty, bitter taste and smells like vinegar, but it's somewhere halfway between powder and tar, with little hard chunks surrounded by crushed powder on the bottom. I talked to a few people I know about it, and they say that all west-coast heroin is like this (and shitty). I keep trying to snort it, but whenever I get a line ready and separate the chunks from the powder, it starts to get moist and stick to itself and whatever surface I put it on, and it smears everywhere. It's currently spread out all over the inside of a sandwich bag; I dunno how the fuck I'm gonna scrape all of it out.
Smoke it?

melt it into some water like you were gonna inject it and snort the water? you could even let the water evaporate ;/

or do this:

id hella try to smoke that shit like meth or something tho just cause i love smoking meth
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