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I think I'd rather keep the flesh on my forearm, thanks.

melt it into some water like you were gonna inject it and snort the water? you could even let the water evaporate ;/
I did try this, but all that happened was my sinuses got clogged and I felt like an idiot. I thought of microwaving it, but I didn't want anyone to come up and be like "oh hey I think your heroin's done dude"

I'm not sure if I can even smoke it or not; I've heard you have to prep powder with 50% caffeine to smoke it properly, and I still have no idea wtf it is. It doesn't look like any tar heroin I can see on google.

I want to shoot it so I can finally be a real man, but wheel filters are apparently expensive as fuck, and I'm not popping it without one. Not to mention if I bought filters, saline solution, and insulin needles at a pharmacy, I'd probably get more than just a funny look. Also, if it is actually tar, I'd rather my veins not shrivel up and die horribly.

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