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Man, this is some fucking bad heroin.

I bought some insulin syringes today with the intent of shooting up, which I've been infatuated with for about two years, but when I got home, the powder and chunks had completely melted and solidified into a weird, sticky sludge in the bag (on a cold day, if you can believe that). So, I thought, "yeah, whatever, I'll just melt it again." I cooked up a chunk of it and the spoon was like a filthy pond full of algae, tadpoles, and maggots. After filtering it out, I sucked up maybe .2 units out of the original 30 I shot into the spoon, and there was about 4 times as much air in that fucker as drugs.

So, yeah, fuck this, I'm just eating it and letting my liver turn it into morphine. Fuck Portland's shitty heroin scene. I wish I could kick the shit out of the guy who sold this to me.

The taste and smell are ridiculously familiar, like something out of my childhood. I think my first best friend's house smelled like this every time I went over. Maybe he was a heroin addict.

Now I just have to figure out what I'm gonna do with all those leftover needles.
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