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He doesn't need political brownie points. Nobody outside DPRK believes it was for benevolent reasons, nobody inside is officially allowed to think he is anything but benevolent 100% of the time anyway. If it even goes ahead, which is doubtful (a news report is enough to make the event happen in DPRK anyway), then it's just one in a long line of staged occurrences to make it seem like he is a great leader to the people who might actually think he is one already.

It's keeping up appearances to an expectant population, just like the two Kims before him had to constantly do. Interesting to see what he does next? Visit a 'factory', or a 'farm', or congratulate some soldiers for being vigilant.

PS: Prison life is actually rather cheap in North Korea. Considering the government is expected to feed the population, and most people get nothing, what do you think prisoners get?
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