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The stench of death lingered over the village like an ethereal cloak. The sun hardly peaks over the horizon anymore. Klara, the woodworker's daughter looked across the hazy field. Faint glows from a pyre can be seen from a distance. The villagers were setting ablaze carcasses of people and beasts that have succumed to the blight. Her brother is supposed to be on "cremation" duty today. The yearning can be clearly seen from her face as she wished his safe return. The faint glimmer of hope that could be seen from her eyes suddenly dissipated as rough coughs are heard from the adjacent room. "Father has been like this for a few days now". As she readied the hot water and towel she couldnt help but notice blood oozing from the nostrils and mouth of her father as he fought for every breath. She hugged him crying. Droplets of red stained the bed furthermore, as she looked for the source, she realized that the drops of blood were her own tears. "Dear God, what is happening to us???."
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