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havent popped a 'plur' pill in over a year now, So I'd say im pretty sober. I'm agreeing with noob because over the past few months the board has become more obnoxious. Especially with all the Porn ad's and 'HOW TO MAKE MORE MONEY, CLICK ON MY LINK' We never had that on the old board, and being someone who has been here Far longer than most, and has gotten more grief than most, I belive I do have a right to voice my opioion, especially when it concerns a friend who I met on this board.

Now most of you will probally say, o0o0o0o, you met them on the board, go find some real friends. We'll I met chojin on the board and we met, exchange b-day, christmas presents, and still talk, and blackflag Always wishes me a happy birthday, and still feels bad when he missed it. And Noob has helped me out through many occasions of bad boyfriends, and stupid people. I consider them friends.

What I meant by the administrators need a good kick in the ass, was because if you havent noticed, People who started on this board are dissapearing slowly, People that we all once knew. What about the nyc trip, (that I missed, sorry.) But from what I know half those people are gone now, because of all the bullshit with this site. Don't get me wrong, Yes, it is a public board, maybe a little too public, when you can go on YAHOO, and type in "IMOCKERY" and the first thing that comes up is this site.

And Rog, I wasnt bashing your creative attempts at makeing things 'exciting' around here, and working your little heart out to things that interest you and posteing them, because this is YOUR site, But to many, weither they want to admit or not, It seems that everyone else is over-running it with their lame attempts to make you notice them, And that is over-whelming all in itself.

You used to be able to come on this board and laugh your ass off for hours, of course it used to be all towards me, (boy, do I love carni), but now its just one post after another of useless shit that gets thrown down in page 3, because nobody wants to bother with the same shit we once all used to laugh about and got over.

Chojin puts this board as 'adicting', but once you get off the computer it no longer appeals to anyone that doenst sit there and jerk off to the pictures section. It was once 'smart Mocking' Now its 'show me your boobs' over and over and over again. Maybe im wrong, but there's plenty of other sites out there to see someones boobs.

I guess Noob's post just really got to me, we all had our characters, and now everyone is just trying to be liked, which was never what this board seemed to ever be about. Hell Ive seen best friends go at each other because of some lame comment.

Im happy to see this site become more known, but I miss the 'old' people it once produced.
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