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Sigh, since I have only been visiting this site for a few years I guess I woulden't know when it was "better." But it seems to me that the comedy is just getting better. I never found the site itself as "blog-like" where a bunch of different people post whatever's on their chest for the world to see (or ignore). I see it as entertainment. Like a variety magazine complete with article's, activities, and puzzles. It is plain to see that the intentions of the site isn't to make controversey, or to have some sort of fame for one main feature from which to milk- but to entertain the visitors. And catering to just one narrow type of audiance doesn't really help with progress. Nor does staying with one main point of focus. Sure, some of the stuff doesn't rub my rhubarb, but because of the mass amounts of content I can just look elsewhere.

As for the problems with the retro-obsession: I like to hear about all the vintage reminicence from a slightly older perspective, they remember it alot better than I do. That is as long as it doesn't get outta hand and becomes just a nostalgia site. But I am sure this was already well established.
As for the boards... it is completely removed as far as I am concerned. Something that the quality is directly effected by the user can go either ways. Although, we as users can attempt to take care of that ourselves.

But something bothered me about what Lenore said... Porn ads? I haven't seen any myself but... that was another thing I liked was how this site kept its dignaty by not traveling down that road. I sure hope she was seeing things.

Edit: Lenore has a bad case of the "Nasty Addituditus" from where I am standing.
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