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Okay, IF I accepeted any of your points, which I don't, the same "If he gets them he might give them" argument applies to:
N. Korea
Pakistan (Has them, already gave important info to N.Korea, their secret service is full of islamists with close connections to Al Quaeda and Taliban)
Saudi Arabia(wants them, funds various terror groups)
India (has them, ready to use them on Pakistan, might give them to Hindu Seperatists to defer blame)
Egypt (Probably has them,)
France(has them, VERY angry about 'Freedom Fries')
About a dozen small ex-soviet states currently desperatley in need of cash and unable to pay their soldiers or nuclkear scientists.

In fact, since the future is unknown, even after you "Deal" with all of the above, an "If he gets them he might give them" scenario (and in his adress to the nation, W. used the figure "Within five years" that could apply to about half the world.

If you are suggesting an all out play for world domination, put your cards on the table. My principle problem with the administration is that they refuse to even look at where our current actions lead. My God, they can't even get Turkey, our ally, to commit to staying out of Northern Iraq! We can barely secure Kahbul!

Seriously, play out for me your foreign policy for the five years following the overthrow of Iraq, just in basic ball park terms. I know in the wizard of Oz after Dorothy Kills the Witch the guards all love her, but this isn't Oz.
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