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Originally Posted by Guitar Woman View Post
I'm starting up Earthbound again. I've played this game a shitload, but I've never finished it. Last time I played I got to about the pyramid part, then lost all my data when I got a new computer. I'll beat it this time, I swear.

If you can, get the original. I was the only one renting it at blockbuster, week after week; they felt sorry for me and just let me have it, giant box, flawless cartridge, and game manual (with scratch & sniff cards intact). I still read that thing when I take a dump.

There are so many moments in that game that I consider the most frustrating gaming moments of all time (not including the entirety of Out of this World), but it doesn't keep it from being the greatest game of all time.

I'm not so much as playing but drooling over MGS4 screenshots, and hating the PS3 fanboys who're getting thrown their bone.

Emu, give MGS3: Snake Eater a shot. I wasn't such a big fan of the previous installments (read: Raiden), but this one blew my mind. From the James Bond-esque intro, the Cold War setting, the goofy-but-not-too-goofy villains, the mechanics (blow up a bunker, soldiers get hungry ---> feed them poisonous frogs, bam, dead) and the sheer cinematic goodness, this game will make you blow your load. I know I did. It was my first MGS title. I'm replaying it now on the hardest difficulty, trying to find all the extras and avoid ever being seen or making a lethal shot.
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