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Death at a Funeral
Good English comedy centring on a disastrous funeral. Hardly anyone has seen or heard of this, which is a shame because it's really funny.

Death Sentence
I quite like revenge films and this one was actually rather good. It's a fairly standard affair - son gets killed, Kevin Bacon seeks revenge, things go from bad to worse. What sets it apart is that it remains dark throughout, without any kind of a happy ending for anyone.
Really violent too which is always a plus.

Jackass 2.5
Nothing special here, just a few 'stunts' that weren't good enough to be in the second film. That said, some parts are still funny and if you enjoyed either of the previous films this might be worth a watch.

Ricky Gervais Live 3: Fame
Possibly his best stand-up yet. If you like Gervais this is definitely worth checking out. The humour may be offensive, poor in taste and obnoxious but it's always funny.

I am Legend

Classic case of a film which is a good idea, poorly executed. Impressive scenery and special effects but the acting leaves something to be desired and as a whole the film was underwhelming.
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