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The only way I can possibly describe it in a single sentence is "The video-game equivalent of Zardoz." It's just a horrifying mindfuck shitstorm of everything that could possibly go wrong while creating a work of fiction. It's the kind of bad where you could theoretically get some intoxicated guffaws out of it if you played it with friends, and I certainly did, but the parts of the game that just shit on your soul with their awfulness make none of it worthwhile.

I feel like I've been mind-raped by a fat French hack. I've got Post David Cage Game Stress Disorder. I just... not even George Lucas could make something as stupid and illogical, as fucking offensive and repugnant, as this game. Cage writes like fucking Chris Chan, and he's got about the same stance in regards to gender politics. I just. Hate. I fucking hate. HOW DO PUBLISHING COMPANIES KEEP GIVING HIM MONEY?

I'd love to see the video recordings of all the mo-cap sessions from this game, because I want to see Ellen Page's face at the exact moment she realizes she's in the middle of the most colossal fuck-up of her entire career.
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