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I think that Zhukov thinks that you're saying that the information that wikileaks released is not credible or something and I think that you think that military secrets and crap like that which would get people killed should not be released to the public, but I have yet to see any information released that would in fact pose a grave threat to national security. Everything that I have read in these leaks is largely information that anyone semi-interested in foreign relations and US politics would be able to infer or safely assume just from reading about it over time from the general media.

This includes the list of facilities which are listed as being vital to the United State's security in the leaks. Ports? Oil pipelines? Manufacturing plants? Mines? Communication systems? OH WOW THANK YOU WIKI LEAKS I WOULD HAVE NEVER KNOWN THESE THINGS COULD BE IMPORTANT OR THEIR LOCATIONS WITHOUT YOU

Because I'm sure that terrorists and other states don't have access to an online search engine, maps or common sense but do have access to wikileaks.
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