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Oh another thread about dreams.

First off James, are you scared of zombies? What I mean by that is, were you scared of zombies as a little kid or whatever?

My analysis of it is that the zombies in your dreams are really the throngs of women that you seemingly cannot handle in real life. You are always around women (thus why you can't escape the zombies in your dream) and you simply don't know what to give them. A simple gesture of you giving them the ability to speak then running away, locking doors while doing so, makes it pretty obvious that you have deep seeded conflicts with self-esteem, heterosexuality, and World of Warcraft. I'd suggest moving out of your parents house, quitting a shitty job and finding one that could completely support you, and getting the book "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus."

With this said, I'm out of my "analysis medicine." I'm gonna go call up RayRay and see what he's chargin' for another 8ball.
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