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The argument boils down to:

"My religion is true because it says so in the holy book of my religion"

The correlation is

"My take on my religion is true because that's my understanding of what it says in the holy book of my religion. Other's people's take on what it says is wrong, because it's not te same as my take"

It's EXACTLY the same argument made by every fundamentalist of every religion there has ever been. Maybe one of those thousands of religions actually was right and everyone else is wrong. People will THINK they're right, but will only ever know for sure once they're dead. Which I think is kind of charming and proof of God's sense of humor.

PS: "Im NOT a Fundamentalist because I'm RIGHT! It says so in my holy BOOK which was written by GOD and everyone else who says they are right because their book was written by god is a fucking Fundamentalist!"
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