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My shoulder problem is due to poor posture. I'm at home all day on the computer filling out medical claim forms for a shitty insurance company, so I guess I got a bit of a slouch. I am going to the chiropractor twice a week and have been for the past 3 weeks. So far people have told me I don't look like I'm as hunched over, which is a good start. If I lift something over 40 pounds, I'll sometimes get pinched nerves which results in me being in a lot of pain for over a week, which is why I haven't done anything with my arms other than the heavy bag. I am looking to do something other than the elliptical though, so I think that the convict conditioning may be a good thing for me since I'm usually stuck in the house all day. I don't eat much more than one meal a day with snacks around it ever since I found out I was allergic to wheat a month and a half ago. I think that's what has caused me to lose the most weight so far since most fast food places have wheat in their food so that isn't an option any longer. Again, I really appreciate this thread and am going to look into a lot of this stuff now.
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