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Allow me to add some more insight.

You literally bawl your fucking eyes out how you're being painted as Pram Maven to ItalianStereotype. You literally jump the moment Pentagarn unintentionally brings up the thought that the whole claim of homophobia is false, in which you reply with what is simply the most used line rather than say, not responding, which you seem to do when things don't make sense. Which I am sure is just coincidence since he did give you the advice to make your own hatred for women justified and further drive the nails in the coffin. You know, the whole "All women are bitches, fuck them." Which brings me to a neat little tidbit. In a relationship, when an ex-spouse responds with the words "Tough Shit" that obviously means that there has been not been one single one sided situation through out it's life span, it's just an unfortunate set of circumstances. Much like waiting four months for someone who is on the fence of divorce to finally open up their cold, cold, shoulder to you.

I love the fact that you feel so IN to the forums. Even though there are folks making passing remarks about your lazy ass.

Oh, and did I forget to mention how you didn't even take in the thought that Zomboid was Canadian until 10k mentioned it and only made one of the most seclusive, almost invisible subjects of Canadian jokes of how Canadians are pussies?

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