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hay btw im not gonna have an abortion i talked to my parents they FREAKED out but im gonna try to stay in school anyway and my bf parents flipped out they hate me even though its JUST AS MUCH HIS FAULT AS IT IS MINE

ne way i really hope its a girl im gonna name her Haley (sp?) and if its a boy ill name him Brice. oh man i hope its a girl im gonna get her ears peirced when shes still a baby and put her in little dresses and vbows in her hair u know were gonna be best friends when shes 16 ill be 32 just like girlmore girls we can do everthing together its gonna be awesome

oh yeah and im gonna make her real smart like all those baby genius porgrams and read books and shes gonna be smart shes not gonna end up a dropout like her mom and shes not gonna date umtil shes in college!!1 hay any moms here lest talk about it k?
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