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My friends and I were lookin to get stoned so we went to somebodies house and they weren't there EVEN THOUGH THEY SAID THEY WOULD BE. We were kinda drunk ;o anyway i had a feeling the back door would be unlocked so we snuck into th ebackyard and entered through a sliding glass door. We were snooping around the house looking for drugs, and the fat guy of the bunch naturally had to go steal some girls panties, but my other friend and I found a big bottle of wine and a locked liquor cabnet.
IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY AND I WAS WEARING BOOTS so i kicked the glass part of the cabnet, broke it and reached in and unlocked the little locking thing and we grabbed as much booze as we could carry (good thing some of us had belts) and went back to my parents house (who i wasnt living with) to borrow a backpack from my sister. IT WAS PURPLE.

then we went to a park where we liked to get fucked up at and stashed some of t he booze that didnt fit into the backpack. There were some people getting stoned there and they were staring at us so we asked them if they'd like to trade some booze for pot. They got all retarded and afraid and ended up driving off.
Some other assholes who my fat friend knew came by and he ended up kicking their car and spitting on them while they drove off screaminga t us.
Then the guy who was getting stoned came back with a friend holding a baseball bat, and they started trying to pick a fight with us. "WHAT DID YOU SAY TO MY FRIEND HOLMES" stupid shit like that. We told them we just wanted to trade some booze f or a few rips. one of the assholes PULLS UP HIS SHIRT and he has a "gun" and hes all, "WHAT DO YOU GOT IN THE BAG" "GIVE IT TO US" and we said no and lol the gun said REPLICA ON THE SIDE HAHAHAHAHAHA whatever. So then they tried to talk some more shit but it didnt work and they ended up giving us some weed for half a bottle of wine ;\

best birthday ever.

oh yea and the fat guy was wearing the panties on his head at certain key moments ;\ dunno how i forgot that. NOT SO MUCH HILARIOUS ON HIS PART AS HILARIOUS FROM OUR ANGLE
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