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Back on the issue of Coolie's failure to follow instructions...

He either gives scientific studies that say "excessive fluoride is bad" or letters from activists, neither of which are what Milpool asked for. Then he tries to play the condescending asshole card by dropping a lmgtfy link, as though we don't know how to google. What he wants is for us to do his research for him, and when we don't he drops lines like "it is not my job to do your research for you" which registers a 10 on the hypocrite-o-meter because that is exactly what he wants from us. And when he isn't trying to trick us into researching his counterarguments for him, he is acting indignant that we don't take his crackpot beliefs on faith. Sorry Coolie, I take nothing on faith. What you have provided us is fanciful leaps in logic without real evidence to the point you are trying to make. You deserve your imminent ban
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