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Originally Posted by Supafly345 View Post
Once again, I only get games after the DLC is all in one package... and the game is used.
Soooo, this game is sort of a give and take from FO3. They beefed up the levels, made the perks a hell of a lot better, and overall the character growth system is many times more enjoyable to make. However, the core of the game seems to have been diminished: the exploring. FO3's major strength over every other open world game of this kind was how fantastic its exploring was. Every dungeon had a distinct narrative, and there was little crap to discover here and there just for fun.
This game however seems to punish exploration, there is nothing to find. They have map markers to just mark areas in the middle of nowhere with nothing more than a boring dead body to populate it, and the areas that actually do have something only offer a tiny bit of consumables. The only good stuff comes from killing people, so scavaging through refuse is completely meaningless in this game.

Admittedly I've only been playing a about 6 hours, but it feels like they took all the comments and complaints about how to make FO3 better and used them to make a new game, but forgot to leave in all the stuff that was good about FO3 in the first place.
I think you have a point there. When I was playing New Vegas, I didn't really notice the lack of those "mini-stories", like the robot in FO3 that sang lullabies to dead children, because the quests in NW were so much better compared to FO3, that exploring the world was kinda secondary. Still, NW is far superior to FO3, IMO, and i'm pretty sure there is a mod to NW which adds some random locations with some cool shit.
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