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No live stories with this band I'm in right now yet but since last night was the most awesome rehersal ever I'll tell you a few (boring) things about that instead ok?

So the drummer was really irritated at something but nobody else noticed and we thought it was our best rehersal so far so much that we were kinda let down the monitor guy messed up the recording (note to people rehersing: record as many sessions as possible). Anyway we hadn't played in a month and it turned out everybody was charged due to that. I was almost error-free which is really really rare with me. I decided to improvise almost all my takes on the second time through the songs with some pretty interesting results. I basically introduced a new theme in the middle of this song and the other guitarist (it's two guitarists, a vocalist and a drummer. Who needs a bassist when you're playing through a bass amp head?) looked at me and slowly twisted his playing around the new theme and we ended up jamming the song to hell for 20 minutes. Much semi-soloing ensued, trade-offs, a thrash polka beat that escalated to a full-blown blastbeat noisefest.

It was ace. Usually we're pretty restrained, we play our songs and fix the wrong bits, but last night was different. The other guitarist played his new song for us and by the second time through the riffs I was already figuring out my counterpoint. By the end of that song there's this really slow doomy part and by accident I accented in synchopation and the thing sounded like an earthquake. The drummer kept adding to the dynamics on the overhead and adding and adding and the thing basically exploded and I was left alone playing the lurking melody for 3 measures in a sea of background screams, cymbals and guitar feedback.

I haven't had so much fun in a rehersal since forever. Seriously, if there was an audience, I'm sure they couldn't tell it was mostly improv material.
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