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Cold empty darkness. This has been my panorama for the past billion years or so. Have I been alive this long? It could be just a nightmare with no end in sight. You see, I can't die. I would love to. It would be pure liberation from this curse if I suddenly died. Why was I born indestructible? Am I a god? 2014 was the day my ordeal began, the day I came to this world. I grew up in a normal city with a loving family, married, raised a ton of kids generations apart. I somehow stayed the same. I cant die, grow old or get injured. I look 30, not bad for someone billions of years old. It was fun for the first few hundred years then family and friends started dying. It was ok. Id move on and find new friends and family to love. Ive kept on with that for a few thousand years, even helped alot of people in the process. It kinda went downhill when humanity started dying out. A series of calamities hit. Plagues, famine and wars over the limited resources. For thousands of years the earth was barren. People reduced to scavenging and cannibalism. Even they died out. The seas dried up. The sun eventually shone its last rays. The earth by now was long gone reduced to ashes and dust, torn apart by its star's demise. The bright starlit sky long gone. Exhausted all their gases long ago. Somehow Im still here. Im sure Ive already gone insane countless times. Ive got no one for so long. Endlessly drifting and tumbling along in space. Id sometimes hold imaginary parties if I encountered space debris every thousand years or so. I even married some rocks. What irks me to this day is, I still dont know my purpose. I want to die, but gave up hope dying long ago.
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