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I went to a Halloween party last night as Big Boss. Grew my hair out and a beard and bought some camo and everything.

I showed up to the party and only 4 other people were in costume. I brought a sack of candy and some beer and nobody ate/drank any of it. Everyone was just sitting around watching a shitty internet stream of the Bruins game and nobody was really talking. 45 minutes in I realized I wasn't going to have any fun so I left. The one person I knew was the host, who I didn't see until I was making my way to the door to leave. Then I walked 10 minutes back to my car in costume because there's no on street parking in that neighborhood. I didn't even have dinner cause I thought there would be food at the party. I would have stopped by some fast food place but my face paint wasn't wiping off and I already felt dumb.

Also I left my candy and beer at the party and I hate Halloween it's dumb

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